• New Oriental Future: selling products on livestream
    Jun 14, 2022

    Embattled education training company New Oriental began trending on China's social media platforms recently, after its teachers started livestreaming the selling of agricultural products, books and daily necessities using both Chinese and English.     Anchors combine useful English phrases with the selling of products, such as providing the English translation of the product and commonly used sentences.     The anchors' excellent pronunciation and grammar have garnered the channel an enthusiastic fan base and attracted millions of views. The knowledgeable and oftentimes amusing approach to selling products have led to netizens posting comments such as "It's a good way to spend money where you get a product and also some extra knowledge."   New Oriental used to be a tutoring titan in the domestic market, but faced the massive challenge of transforming its business model after authorities tightened up the management of off-campus tutoring in July, 2021.   The company's founder, Yu Minhong, said in a letter to the  company's employees on June 1 that the firm has experienced great difficulty in its fiscal year of 2022, when the company's market value plummeted by 90% and its employees decreased to 50,000 from the previous 110,000.   The latest figures from Economic View, a financial media outlet of China News Service, show that the Dongfang Zhenxuan account had 1.57 million new followers in three days from Friday. The account has over 3.37 million followers in total. Its sales volume was 17.7 million yuan($2.64 million) over the same three days.    

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  • Security Steel Door Standard
    Nov 02, 2022

      As we know, security steel door has 4 grands: grand A, grand B, grand C and grand D. The thickness of steel sheet of door leaf and door frame as: 1.0/2.0mm, 0.8/1.6mm, 0.7/1.4mm and 0.6/1.2mm.   Grand A is the high quality but Grand B and Grand C are the most customers choosing.   Zanfit door has more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing security doors, and loved by customers, zanfit doors focus on make your home security and we did it.  

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